Life Lesson Learned in 4th Grade

It was my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Gooden, who first showed me the word “assume” hyphenated. It’s something we’ve all heard before – Never “Assume” because it makes an ASS out of U and ME. After the grade school giggling had subsided, I learned two important lessons that day. First, I would never misspell the word “assume” again. Second, I would never assume something was fact in fear of making an ASS out of U and ME (mostly ME). I was recently reminded of this little nugget while supporting a trial in the rural town of Zapata, TX.  … Read the rest

A Courtroom Tech Tale: Advantages of Shooting for the Middle

This is a little story written as the printed material accompanying a presentation on effective use of technology at trial for the DRI Annual Conference in October, 2009.  It is obviously tongue-in-cheek, and written primarily with entertainment value in mind, but hopefully you find that it articulates some solid points.  Thanks for reading.

Smell that?

I love the scent of legal pads and dry-cleaned suits in the morning.  Smells like … favorable verdict. (Or, at a minimum, an agreed-upon resolution satisfying both parties and disposing of the matter).

It’s a lovely autumn morning and nothing symbolizes the start of litigation  … Read the rest