iPad at Trial: “like an extra monitor that does stuff”

If you’ve been wondering if this “magical” tablet is something you’d like to add to your on-site arsenal as a technology consultant, wonder no more, because I just spent a month on-site with one.

Everyone has their theoretical and practical business reasons to get one.  I got one because whenever I tried to watch movies or read on the iPhone I’d think “this would be a whole lot cooler right now if it had a way bigger screen.”

So did it alter my life at trial in ways I’d never imagined?  Nah.  But it was really cool and convenient for a  … Read the rest

Life Lesson Learned in 4th Grade

It was my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Gooden, who first showed me the word “assume” hyphenated. It’s something we’ve all heard before – Never “Assume” because it makes an ASS out of U and ME. After the grade school giggling had subsided, I learned two important lessons that day. First, I would never misspell the word “assume” again. Second, I would never assume something was fact in fear of making an ASS out of U and ME (mostly ME). I was recently reminded of this little nugget while supporting a trial in the rural town of Zapata, TX.  … Read the rest

A Courtroom Tech Tale: Advantages of Shooting for the Middle

This is a little story written as the printed material accompanying a presentation on effective use of technology at trial for the DRI Annual Conference in October, 2009.  It is obviously tongue-in-cheek, and written primarily with entertainment value in mind, but hopefully you find that it articulates some solid points.  Thanks for reading.

Smell that?

I love the scent of legal pads and dry-cleaned suits in the morning.  Smells like … favorable verdict. (Or, at a minimum, an agreed-upon resolution satisfying both parties and disposing of the matter).

It’s a lovely autumn morning and nothing symbolizes the start of litigation  … Read the rest