Book Learnin’

So, I was told recently that I should read some books.  Not just books in general, mind you, but rather I should read some specific books that will change my life.  “But I’m playing Modern Warfare 2, right now – I don’t have time!”, I exclaim.  But I soon realized that playing my XBox 360 was not a good excuse – at least not to Eric.  Apparently, I have quite a stack that are required reading in order to hang with the cool crowd at Core. 

After a bit of initial resistance, I quickly purchased (I had to, they  … Read the rest

Book Review: Beyond Bullet Points

After 5 years in print, I finally read Beyond Bullet Points (second edition) by Cliff Atkinson. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, or why I initially resisted reading it. Maybe because in my legal graphics world, using PowerPoint all day every day to (try to) design graphics and presentations that engage, I’d already subscribed to “less is more” and the evils of bullet points. But I can tell you, that’s no reason to not read this book.

What was most interesting, to me anyway, was Atkinson’s recount of the first Vioxx trial in Angleton, TX, where he created  … Read the rest