Improvise with an iPhone? DIY X-Ray Imaging

You sent a bunch of x-ray films to a local scanning vendor recommended by a colleague at your firm. Now you’re in Tuscaloosa prepping the treating physician who will describe an injury using the x-rays on screen.  That’s when you realize the electronic images you’d planned on projecting in court may as well be a Rorschach test that ran through a fax machine. The detail is just gone.

Contrast is key to reading x-rays, and there are vendors out there – some actually specialize in radiographic imaging – who provide good enough electronic output. But if you haven’t found a reliable shop with  … Read the rest

Death and Taxes – 2010 edition

Jess Bachman released her latest info-graphic of where our tax dollars (and money borrowed from the Chinese) are being spent.

The Credit Crisis Illustrated

Yesterday I received a forwarded email from a buddy who works for a hedge fund. Gawker’s already picked up on it and posted it on their site (summary below).

It reminded me of the last forwarded email my buddy sent me. It is a brilliantly animated tutorial on the credit crisis that led to my home losing 20% of it’s market value. Check it out here.

In case you’re too busy to read the entire email post on Gawker, here’s your summary. It was an anonymous email written by someone on “the street”. This person  … Read the rest

Infographics on Steroids

A little bird told me this the other day:  Next time you want to reboot the way we show quantitative information, I recommend a thought-provoking stroll through the Infographics section of  GOOD is the interesting printed newsletter they’ve given away for free at Starbucks every now and then.

Just a couple of neat ones … but really, you should explore.

Most Popular Infographics of 2009

Transparency: Who is Coming to America?

Flight Delays

Side Note: the “Flight Delays” page is interactive, but it also has a link to the flat.html version of the same image … a  … Read the rest

Book Review: Beyond Bullet Points

After 5 years in print, I finally read Beyond Bullet Points (second edition) by Cliff Atkinson. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, or why I initially resisted reading it. Maybe because in my legal graphics world, using PowerPoint all day every day to (try to) design graphics and presentations that engage, I’d already subscribed to “less is more” and the evils of bullet points. But I can tell you, that’s no reason to not read this book.

What was most interesting, to me anyway, was Atkinson’s recount of the first Vioxx trial in Angleton, TX, where he created  … Read the rest

Becoming slightly detached.

Email is a great thing. It’s tried and true, and I couldn’t live without it. Despite Google’s claim that Google Wave will make email obsolete, I think it’s safe to say that it will be around for a while. All of that being said, it does have its limitations.

I recently received a case-related email with over 100 individual photos attached. It nearly brought Thunderbird to its knees – and I can only imagine the hacking, wheezing, coughing and choking that would have occurred in Outlook. I even had trouble accessing the files via a webmail interface. Frankly, I was  … Read the rest