We need Exhibit Stickers added to these 1,200 exhibits… electronically… for tomorrow’s exchange

The request in the title is almost verbatim. When you’re on-site, sometimes you need to rip open your shirt and expose your inner Superman.

Well, maybe keep your shirt on. The Client is around.

This evening’s herculean task was taken down using this tutorial on how to add a fully customizable exhibit sticker to any PDF using Acrobat. No need to print out 1,200 exhibits, sticker them, rescan and rename.

And now no need for three people to pull an all-nighter. Money in the client’s pocket.

The tutorial is pretty  … Read the rest

Better Deposition Videos in Court: SOUND ADVICE

If Video Don’t Sound Good, it Ain’t Good Video. (Part Two in a Four-Part Trilogy)

THIS SERIES IS ABOUT VIDEO. So why discuss sound first (or at all?)  Because , sound quality is more important than picture quality.

Let’s pause a moment while that statement sinks in. When watching deposition testimony on video, sound quality is more important than picture quality.

(Did he really just say that?) Yep.

(That can’t be right.  He means sound is equally important, right?)  Nope. For depositions on video, the sound is MORE important than the picture.

Think about it: When you’re watching depo  … Read the rest

Book Learnin’

So, I was told recently that I should read some books.  Not just books in general, mind you, but rather I should read some specific books that will change my life.  “But I’m playing Modern Warfare 2, right now – I don’t have time!”, I exclaim.  But I soon realized that playing my XBox 360 was not a good excuse – at least not to Eric.  Apparently, I have quite a stack that are required reading in order to hang with the cool crowd at Core. 

After a bit of initial resistance, I quickly purchased (I had to, they  … Read the rest

Over-thinking it

It seems important decisions pop up every day in all walks of life.  In investing, we decide whether to double down on Apple stock and bet big that the iPad will be the second coming.  In business, it’s about how far to push sarcasm and humor in a big pitch full of people you don’t know. In sports, say in football, a player must decide whether to swat the ball away or go for the interception.

It’s common to over-think these important decisions which unfortunately takes focus away from other, equally important questions.  What other stocks are out there to  … Read the rest

I’m a Lawyer, should I get an iPhone? | Part One

After getting involved in a “Blackberry versus iPhone” thread on LinkedIn, I thought it might make sense to write a series of posts about my experience transitioning to the iPhone after being a Blackberry user for as long as they’ve existed.  This is not meant to be a comprehensive comparison of every feature.  If you want that, there are lots of reviews out there.  I also realize that these aren’t the only two options.  Android is starting to become a player, and you’ve also got your Palm Pre and what not, but most lawyers I know use a Blackberry, and  … Read the rest

Sang’s Midnight Ride

Would you drive through a blizzard in the name of client service?

I’ve been on a trial in New Brunswick, New Jersey for about 3 weeks and have been using a tried and true board vendor to satisfy the needs of a busy, board-loving trial team. I’ve known Sang Lee from Fast Signs in Philadelphia for a while now, having called on him regularly to make our trial boards during a three year serial pharma litigation in Atlantic City.

Sang’s the kind of guy who goes out of his way, literally, to deliver the goods. He’d schlep the  … Read the rest

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