Improvise with an iPhone? DIY X-Ray Imaging

You sent a bunch of x-ray films to a local scanning vendor recommended by a colleague at your firm. Now you’re in Tuscaloosa prepping the treating physician who will describe an injury using the x-rays on screen.  That’s when you realize the electronic images you’d planned on projecting in court may as well be a Rorschach test that ran through a fax machine. The detail is just gone.

Contrast is key to reading x-rays, and there are vendors out there – some actually specialize in radiographic imaging – who provide good enough electronic output. But if you haven’t found a reliable shop with  … Read the rest

“Jump.” “How high?” “Not sure yet, but use a zig-zag pattern and ankle weights.”

“But please speak up if you have a better way.”

As an attorney, if you can manage to say that last part, you’ll get better, faster work out of most techies who haven’t yet evolved to the “grizzled and surley” phase of their career.

It seems obvious, but remember, you’re their client, you’re a Big City Lawyer, and you can be intimidating when you’re under pressure.  Yes, even if everyone else at the firm refers to you as “Junior” and you have to make your own binders and fetch  … Read the rest

Could This Work In Our Industry?

Anyone who lives in the DC Metro area or has visited and has ridden our subway (known as the Metro) knows about the lack of cell service underground. It used to be that if you had any provider other than Verizon Wireless, you were SOL. But Metro officials have been allowing other carriers to lay wire underground to get their signals in the tunnels. Progress has been slow moving.

Interestingly, the Washington Post has asked its readers to rate the service in and around the stations using an interactive Google Map open to everyone.

It got me wondering  … Read the rest

2:47am on a Tuesday

It’s late, the team is exhausted and adding more people as the night moves toward morning.  Four overworked paralegals will see another unwelcome Wednesday sunrise wearing Tuesday’s clothes. There’s a moment when someone briefly falls asleep mid-sentence while telling me how tired she is.

And I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.  All I know is that “The Project” is a Big Deal.  It’s a big enough deal that they’ve now added two associates, a project assistant, the firm’s IT expert, a junior partner and two off-site paralegals to their ranks.

Despite several offers to help, all I’m asked to do is make  … Read the rest

Infographics from the Old Gray Lady

Readers of the New York Times are treated to award-winning, visually stunning informative graphics. Now the art site has created a short documentary on the Old Gray Lady’s infographics department.

It pulls back the curtain on the methodology behind graphics director Steve Duenes and his team of 30-some journalists. Seven minutes was simply not enough though, it definitely left me wanting more.

(Hat tip to Corey for sharing this site over a cold one this hot weekend.)

We need Exhibit Stickers added to these 1,200 exhibits… electronically… for tomorrow’s exchange

The request in the title is almost verbatim. When you’re on-site, sometimes you need to rip open your shirt and expose your inner Superman.

Well, maybe keep your shirt on. The Client is around.

This evening’s herculean task was taken down using this tutorial on how to add a fully customizable exhibit sticker to any PDF using Acrobat. No need to print out 1,200 exhibits, sticker them, rescan and rename.

And now no need for three people to pull an all-nighter. Money in the client’s pocket.

The tutorial is pretty  … Read the rest

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