Could This Work In Our Industry?

Posted on November 4, 2010 | by Alex

This industry could learn a thing or two from the completely open, interactive Google Map the Washington Post created.

Anyone who lives in the DC Metro area or has visited and has ridden our subway (known as the Metro) knows about the lack of cell service underground. It used to be that if you had any provider other than Verizon Wireless, you were SOL. But Metro officials have been allowing other carriers to lay wire underground to get their signals in the tunnels. Progress has been slow moving.

Interestingly, the Washington Post has asked its readers to rate the service in and around the stations using an interactive Google Map open to everyone.

It got me wondering whether something like this could be useful in our industry? The short answer: extremely. My thoughts after the jump.
I’m asked more times than not by both clients and perspective clients whether we have a courtroom survey. What’s the biggest screen size we could put up? Is the courtroom hooked up for video? Do they have monitors at every station? Do they have wifi, or do you have to provide your own internet?Does it have enough power outlets for a big trial team? Is the judge technologically friendly?

Now imagine a database with all of these answers for anyone to access. Heck, could you imagine if we expanded the map just a little to include reviews for service providers like large format printers and caterers?

In the Web 2.0 world we operate in, this the kind of info we all should be sharing with each other. No single group of consultants out there holds all the answers about courtrooms and vendors across the country. And if they say they do (and point to their size), they’re lying.

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