Infographics from the Old Gray Lady

Readers of the New York Times are treated to award-winning, visually stunning informative graphics. Now the art site has created a short documentary on the Old Gray Lady’s infographics department.

It pulls back the curtain on the methodology behind graphics director Steve Duenes and his team of 30-some journalists. Seven minutes was simply not enough though, it definitely left me wanting more.

(Hat tip to Corey for sharing this site over a cold one this hot weekend.)

We need Exhibit Stickers added to these 1,200 exhibits… electronically… for tomorrow’s exchange

The request in the title is almost verbatim. When you’re on-site, sometimes you need to rip open your shirt and expose your inner Superman.

Well, maybe keep your shirt on. The Client is around.

This evening’s herculean task was taken down using this tutorial on how to add a fully customizable exhibit sticker to any PDF using Acrobat. No need to print out 1,200 exhibits, sticker them, rescan and rename.

And now no need for three people to pull an all-nighter. Money in the client’s pocket.

The tutorial is pretty  … Read the rest

iPad at Trial: “like an extra monitor that does stuff”

If you’ve been wondering if this “magical” tablet is something you’d like to add to your on-site arsenal as a technology consultant, wonder no more, because I just spent a month on-site with one.

Everyone has their theoretical and practical business reasons to get one.  I got one because whenever I tried to watch movies or read on the iPhone I’d think “this would be a whole lot cooler right now if it had a way bigger screen.”

So did it alter my life at trial in ways I’d never imagined?  Nah.  But it was really cool and convenient for a  … Read the rest