Tech’s Dirty Secret

Posted on June 1, 2010 | by Eric

Waiting patiently.  Lots and lots of waiting patiently.

Technology consultants, trial techs, technicians, technologists, whatever you want to call us, spend a considerable amount of time waiting around patiently for lawyers to be ready to deal with us.  That fact has a low probability of changing any time soon.

So what is your techie doing while he waits for you?

Is he coming up with new techniques and presentation software features, writing them down and applying them to your needs?

Is she organizing the data presented in court in a way that lets you instantly retrieve it?  Is she tightening up the video cuts to maybe end the trial a little earlier?

Do they anticipate your next emergency request in advance, often appearing clairvoyant?  (How many times have you walked in and asked for a printed copy of the opening?  Shouldn’t there be several on-hand?)

Most importantly, does he put himself in you and your client’s position, empathizing with how much pressure you’re under?  Because they can.  I’ve seen over and over how we truly have the power to reduce your anxiety and set ourselves apart from the indifferent masses.

Or are they watching reality TV shows on their laptops?

You’re not paying for video editing and document highlights, you’re paying for someone to take away the fear that you’ll fail in court doing those things.  Own that fact and the difference in technology consultants becomes a lot more clear.

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