Trial Equipment: A Vision for Web-based Ordering

I’ve ordered rental equipment for trial a lot.  Figuring out what we’ll need for the courtroom and war room, working from old lists that were similar to what’s needed this time and reworking them, scaling up or down based on the size of the team, looking at the price quote and adding, subtracting or starting from scratch.  It gets pretty tedious, but I recently had a brain thingy about where it should be headed.

Here’s the idea, and it’s up for grabs.

  • Initial orders begin with some basic packages like Large Trial, Medium Trial, Small Trial with definitions for

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Better Deposition Videos in Court: SOUND ADVICE

If Video Don’t Sound Good, it Ain’t Good Video. (Part Two in a Four-Part Trilogy)

THIS SERIES IS ABOUT VIDEO. So why discuss sound first (or at all?)  Because , sound quality is more important than picture quality.

Let’s pause a moment while that statement sinks in. When watching deposition testimony on video, sound quality is more important than picture quality.

(Did he really just say that?) Yep.

(That can’t be right.  He means sound is equally important, right?)  Nope. For depositions on video, the sound is MORE important than the picture.

Think about it: When you’re watching depo  … Read the rest

Tech’s Dirty Secret

Waiting patiently.  Lots and lots of waiting patiently.

Technology consultants, trial techs, technicians, technologists, whatever you want to call us, spend a considerable amount of time waiting around patiently for lawyers to be ready to deal with us.  That fact has a low probability of changing any time soon.

So what is your techie doing while he waits for you?

Is he coming up with new techniques and presentation software features, writing them down and applying them to your needs?

Is she organizing the data presented in court in a way that lets you instantly retrieve it?  Is she tightening up the video cuts  … Read the rest