The Credit Crisis Illustrated

Posted on April 30, 2010 | by Alex

Yesterday I received a forwarded email from a buddy who works for a hedge fund. Gawker’s already picked up on it and posted it on their site (summary below).

It reminded me of the last forwarded email my buddy sent me. It is a brilliantly animated tutorial on the credit crisis that led to my home losing 20% of it’s market value. Check it out here.

In case you’re too busy to read the entire email post on Gawker, here’s your summary. It was an anonymous email written by someone on “the street”. This person reprimands those not in the financial world for complaining about their losing bets (or as some would say, criminal activities) when they created things like credit default swaps. They go on to threaten to mow our lawns and teach our children after flooding the job market when/if Obama puts regulations in place to stop the madness that led to the crash of 18 months ago from happening again. Its comical at times and worth a read at your lunch break.

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