Book Learnin’

So, I was told recently that I should read some books.  Not just books in general, mind you, but rather I should read some specific books that will change my life.  “But I’m playing Modern Warfare 2, right now – I don’t have time!”, I exclaim.  But I soon realized that playing my XBox 360 was not a good excuse – at least not to Eric.  Apparently, I have quite a stack that are required reading in order to hang with the cool crowd at Core. 

After a bit of initial resistance, I quickly purchased (I had to, they  … Read the rest

The Credit Crisis Illustrated

Yesterday I received a forwarded email from a buddy who works for a hedge fund. Gawker’s already picked up on it and posted it on their site (summary below).

It reminded me of the last forwarded email my buddy sent me. It is a brilliantly animated tutorial on the credit crisis that led to my home losing 20% of it’s market value. Check it out here.

In case you’re too busy to read the entire email post on Gawker, here’s your summary. It was an anonymous email written by someone on “the street”. This person  … Read the rest

Over-thinking it

It seems important decisions pop up every day in all walks of life.  In investing, we decide whether to double down on Apple stock and bet big that the iPad will be the second coming.  In business, it’s about how far to push sarcasm and humor in a big pitch full of people you don’t know. In sports, say in football, a player must decide whether to swat the ball away or go for the interception.

It’s common to over-think these important decisions which unfortunately takes focus away from other, equally important questions.  What other stocks are out there to  … Read the rest

Better Deposition Videos in Court: Getting the Best Results from Trial Presentation Software

INTRODUCTION (to a Four-Part Trilogy)

ANYONE WHO WORKS WITH videotaped deposition testimony has seen the infinite variations in image and sound quality in such video. When you’re dealing with video collected from different sources, shot by different videographers on different dates and in different cities, it’s inevitable: the pictures and the sound will vary from witness to witness.  When you’re presenting video testimony in the courtroom — often as a series of short clips from various witnesses — the differences may be striking, if not downright distracting.

Under normal circumstances, and within a normal quality range, this variation isn’t a  … Read the rest