Sang’s Midnight Ride

Posted on February 28, 2010 | by Kim

Would you drive through a blizzard in the name of client service?

I’ve been on a trial in New Brunswick, New Jersey for about 3 weeks and have been using a tried and true board vendor to satisfy the needs of a busy, board-loving trial team. I’ve known Sang Lee from Fast Signs in Philadelphia for a while now, having called on him regularly to make our trial boards during a three year serial pharma litigation in Atlantic City.

Sang’s the kind of guy who goes out of his way, literally, to deliver the goods. He’d schlep the boards from Philly to AC (an hours drive) himself, sometimes twice a day. He was available nights, weekends, and on a moment’s notice and always seemed happy to help. Whenever he dropped off a board, he’d greet me with a big smile. And as if that wasn’t enough to satisfy us, the quality of his boards (complicated magnetics included) was top notch.

Last week, the trial team had a last minute (7pm) request for a blow-up to use the next morning in court.  I called Sang, and as usual, he said our rush order would be “no problem”. It hadn’t occurred to me, even as I stared out the window at a blustery blizzard while phoning in the request (it had been snowing for hours and was expected to continue well into the night) that driving from Philly to New Brunswick that evening (normally 1.5 hours) would be treacherous. I don’t know if it had occurred to Sang (it likely had), but he never mentioned it.

When it hit me hours later, not only was I concerned about the driving conditions, but there was some buzz about court being cancelled the next day, which meant we wouldn’t need the print. So I called to tell him not to come, but I couldn’t reach him. I emailed and kept calling.  Still nothing.  So I started to worry as think-the-worst worriers do.

Then around midnight my cell rang. It was Sang. He was here, safe and sound, with the goods.

In a “yeah, whatever” world where customer service seems increasingly lackluster, if not flat out reprehensible, and in an industry where the demands are often extreme and overwhelming, I’m truly inspired by Sang’s remarkable effort. No question, he’s got a customer for life.

Sang Lee | Fast Signs – Philadelphia – City Center | 215.563 5254 |

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      March 23rd, 2010 @ 11:04 am

      Derek said:

      My trial team used Sang for boards for a different litigation altogether but also in AC. He had delivered a board to us at around 11pm the night before a closing. One of the leads decided to make a last-minute change minutes before Sang arrived. We asked him about the change, and he told us to email the new file to him and he’d have it delivered by 5:30am. 1:15am, and he walks into the war room with the brand new board. Exemplary customer service and satisfaction.